Wade & Nysather has served the Phoenix Valley in Personal Injury cases for over 27 years

I think with a lot of cases when people first call, they are worried that we are going to try to sell them on something and obviously we would like to work for them but that is not the main point, the main point is to educate them. There is a lot coming at them from all directions whether it is insurance companies calling them wanting to settle. ‘Who’s going to pay for my rental car? Who’s going to pay for my hospital bills?’ It is a lot of things hitting at one time and really our whole idea is just to educate them on the process and if they want to hire us, fantastic. If not, at least they are going to get a lot of good information. Law firms often advertise ‘We will get you half a million dollars’ and obviously the settlement is an important part of the case but there’s more to it- there is a process to get to that settlement. The whole point of us being here is to lead, guide and navigate clients both, financially and medically. Our goal with each case is to make sure that the client gets the best results possible.

So, it is not just about the settlement, it is about the process. The law for the most part does not change with accident cases. Insurance companies on the other hand, change the way they operate and that is something we obviously like to stay ahead of the curve by making sure that we are advising our clients properly. I think we can advocate for our clients, and I think in large part, that is based on the fact that our paralegals and staff, including the attorneys, have worked for insurance companies so they understand the other side. The important part of that is keeping abreast of what is going on in the insurance industry because that is who we are working with on a daily basis. We have been in practice as a law firm for over 27 years and we’ve kind of kept to our core principles of keeping our law firm small to be able to be attentive to each client and making sure that each client is taken care of. I’ve always been of the belief that if we can help somebody- even if they don’t hire us, if we can help them answer their questions, be there as a sounding board, in the end that comes around and that’s worked pretty well over 27 years.

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