Top 5 Car Essentials During the COVID-19 PANDEMIC

With the spread of COVID-19, the safest course of action is to stay home.  However, most of us must drive our cars to grocery stores, drug stores, gas stations, work, medical appointments, and travel to check on relatives. While we are out of the house, we are more exposed to germs, bacteria, and viruses. For this reason, it is important to try to keep your hands and car clean.  For this reason, we thought that we would post a list of essential items to keep in your car to stay healthy and safe.

  1. Face Masks.  Based on recent news updates, it seems the CDC and many local government agencies are recommending all people wear masks when out in public.  This may not only help prevent contracting a virus but also help from spreading the virus. If you cannot find a mask, a bandana or other face-covering may suffice.

  2. Gloves.  When we go into grocery stores, gas stations, or drug stores, we end up touching door handles, grocery carts, products, and credit card, readers.  When we do this, remember others have touched the same surfaces. For this reason, it may be important to wear gloves when out of the house. This also stops us from touching our faces, which also spreads the virus.

  3. Hand Sanitizer.  Following our trip to the store, we often take off our gloves and get in the car.  At this point, it is helpful to disinfect your hands with hand sanitizer or soap. This may help stop any germs on your hands from spreading to areas of your car.

  4. Disinfectant wipes.  When you get home from your outing, you may want to consider wiping your car door handles and steering wheel with disinfectant wipes.

  5. Water.  One of the best things we can do for our health is to drink plenty of water.  For this reason, keep water with you at all times. Some articles are suggesting drinking room temperature water, in an effort to push any bacteria in your throat into your stomach, which helps eliminate viruses.

We realize many of these items are difficult to find in the store.  However, if you stay connected with your friends, relatives, and neighbors, they can alert you when they see items become available and you can do the same for them.  Also, there are various neighborhood apps where people post that certain hard-to-get items are available at nearby stores.

Wade & Nysather wish you all health and wellness during these trying times.  If we can assist with your legal needs or questions, please feel free to call us anytime.  We are open, available, and working for you!

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