OdySea Aquarium

Scottsdale‘s OdySea Aquarium won the award for Best Indoor Entertainment just recently. The Arizona Ocean Aquarium is the largest aquarium in the state, with a capacity of over 2 million gallons of water spread throughout its several levels. OdySea Aquarium combines theme-park-style attractions with extremely engaging presentations of aquatic life to create an experience that is educational, interactive, and entertaining for visitors of all ages.

There are more than 370 different species on display at the aquarium, and you can get up up and personal with some of them in the tide touch pool, which is the only one of its kind in the world, or the Russian Sturgeon in one of the other touch displays. Voyager, located within OdySea, claims to be the “world’s only revolving aquarium experience,” and features stadium-style seating and glass walls stretching 46 feet in diameter. The engaging “Penguin Interaction Program,” the “Shark Behind the Scenes” excursions, the strolling “Animal Ambassadors,” and the Question & Answer sessions with the Animal Care specialists are just some of the other interactive activities available.

The venue excels at providing its visitors with unforgettable adventures that boost animal consciousness and motivate them to make positive changes in the world while also providing professional development opportunities for its staff. By provoking people to preserve water resources and safeguard wildlife, their creativity will create positive change.

OdySea’s one-of-a-kind circular layout was designed to provide a fun and exciting adventure while also bringing people together. The project kicked up in March of 2015 and was completed 18 months later, in September of 2016. McCarthy Building Cos., Deutsch Architectural Group, and Caruso Turley and Scott worked closely together to complete this massive project.

The structure was built from the ground up to display both fresh and salt water creatures, and to provide visitors with an interactive experience. Animal enclosures were installed first, and then the rest of OdySea Aquarium was constructed to fit them. As a result, OdySea was able to highlight its displays prominently.

The external concrete was stamped with designs that trace the path a raindrop takes as it travels from the sky to the river and then back into the earth’s layers. The concrete panel, imprinted with a wave’s undulating rhythm, stands as a symbol of the rivers and waterways of the earth, their movement, and the ways in which man should honor and appreciate the force of these elements. The Santa Cruz, Gila, Verde, Salt, and Colorado rivers are represented by the walkways that lead to OdySea Aquarium.

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