Why should you choose Wade & Nysather, AZ Accident Attorneys as your personal injury lawyers?

I think a lot of cases when people first call, they’re worried that we’re going to try to sell them on something and obviously we’d like to work for them but that’s not the main point it’s to educate them because there is a lot coming at them from all directions whether it’s insurance companies calling them wanting to settle. Who’s going to pay for my rental car?

Who’s going to pay for my hospital bill? It’s a lot of things hitting at one time and really our whole idea is just to educate them on the process and if they want to hire us, fantastic. If not, at least they’re going to get a lot of good information. I think they should look for a law firm where they’re not just a number. That they’re you know, going to be an individual, someone who is going to listen, it’s almost like a partnership- I mean we can’t do it alone, they can’t do it alone. We need to know what they’re going through in order to let the jury, let an insurance company know what they’re going through to really be able to sell their case and get value for it.

I think sometimes clients are coming in having been in an accident thinking that if I get a lawyer, is the lawyer going to take up all of my settlement money? I do hear stories with other attorneys where people are telling me that hey, this attorney actually made more from a case than I made and that’ll never happen here. We know that the clients may have a lot of questions coming into our law firm or you know when they have that initial accident. We understand that you guys may not know what the process is.

We’ve been doing this for 27 years, so we are here to serve you and answer all of your questions. This isn’t just another attorney that you’re walking into. This is more of a family and we are willing to help you. We’ve got cases that have seemed so difficult and that we’ve had to fight from the beginning, and we get to the end. Once we get the client their settlement and they’re really happy with it, that’s probably the best part because then you can just breathe and be like okay, we worked really hard on this and we got a really good result, and the client is happy. Just being able to make someone’s day positive is why we do this.

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