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Scott Mihalik - Wade & Nysather AZ Accident AttorneysScott grew up and attended grade school and high school in the Phoenix area.  After graduating high school, he initially worked for the United States Postal Service, where he became involved with the local union.  Scott realized that he enjoyed advocating for his co-workers.  For this reason, he decided to finish his bachelor’s degree and attend law school where he could continue to represent others.

Thereafter, Scott graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Arizona State University in 2003.  After receiving his undergraduate degree, he decided to attend law school in the Pacific Northwest.  In 2008, Scott graduated cum laude from Seattle University School of Law.  During law school, he was selected for membership on the school’s Dispute Resolution Board, which advocated for the use of alternative dispute resolution processes like mediation and arbitration in resolving legal disputes.

After law school, Scott decided to return to Phoenix to begin his legal career.  After returning to Phoenix, Scott worked as an associate at a civil litigation defense firm, as in-house legal counsel for a large insurance company, and operated his own law practice for several years.  While operating his own law practice, Scott initially handled several minors’ conservatorship cases for Wade & Nysather AZ Accident Attorneys.  In doing so, he established a good working relationship with the firm, and Scott recognized and appreciated the firm’s skilled representation of its clients.

For these reasons, in 2021, Scott joined the Wade & Nysather AZ Accident Attorneys firm.  Due to his years of experience in working with insurance companies, Scott is able to recognize and anticipate issues


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