Our firm strives for customer service satisfaction and compassion for the client.

It’s really about the clients and the client’s I think a lot of attorneys are in this line of work for the money, for the prestige everything else. It’s really, we started this practice because clients were hurt and nobody really understood and they didn’t understand how to recover, how to get paid for their injuries, what to do, how to seek medical treatment. They didn’t have health insurance whether they even had options so it’s really the empathy for the clients that really kind of you know, as you said get me out of bed in the morning because I think we base this firm on you know, caring for the clients first and foremost you know we really try to strive for one, the customer service which is the communication, the education with a client and then it’s also you know, guiding them through the process.

You can be a very good attorney but if the clients don’t know what you’re doing and don’t understand what you’re doing and why you’re doing it, it’s really not a good relationship. We have clients that pop in from time to time that honestly that we haven’t had a case with them for ten, fifteen, twenty years- it is a good feeling because I really think that’s where we’re different as a law firm. It’s not just a dollar sign. It’s not just a “get the work done and go home”. It’s more of a matter of caring and compassion. We try to give them that comfort level that they can call us you know, anytime day or night and if it’s important we’ll be there- just like family.

I’d like to stress to clients that we offer free consultations. We’ll answer. We’ll lead them through. We’ll tell them you know, upfront you know, before they even sign on as a client exactly what we’re going to be able to do for them. We can’t promise them you know, an amount or a settlement because a lot of that is unknown at that time but we’ll certainly tell them exactly what we’re going to do and not be able to do for them. It’s really not about us at all. It’s really about the client and what’s best for them.


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