Is it too late to pursue a claim?

Written By: Michael Wade, October 19, 2020 My neighbor was hurt in a car accident that occurred over a year ago.  He was not at fault but did not pursue a claim because he is not “sue-happy.”  At the time, he did not realize how badly he was hurt and how the accident would affect him over a year later.  Is it too late to pursue a claim? In Arizona, the period of time that you have to pursue a claim is controlled by Arizona laws called the “statute of limitations.”  A statute of limitations is simply the statutory deadline for filing a lawsuit. After this deadline passes, it is too late to bring a case against the person who caused your injury. We want your focus to be on healing and getting the necessary medical treatment. But part of ensuring that you heal is recovering money for past and future medical expenses. This is why it is important to talk to a personal injury attorney soon after you have been hurt. You do not want to miss a crucial deadline.  In Arizona, the typical statute of limitations for an automobile accident case is two years.  However, if the party that hit you was within the scope of employment from a governmental agency, the timeline to take action is only 180 days.  Examples may include a school bus driver, a police officer, a fireman, or any government official that is within the scope of employment. Sometimes it may be difficult to determine what the appropriate statute of limitations for your case may be.  This is why it is important to contact us for a FREE CONSULTATION to have an attorney explain the applicable statute of limitations, as well as your other rights and obligations directly to the injured party. Call (602) 547-2222 or Text (480) 522-7794 for your Free Policy Review.


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