How a Car Accident Can Affect Your Life

While a car accident’s effects can be as simple as a disruption in your day, a car crash is more likely to have a significant impact on your life. At a minimum, your life will be disrupted until you can get your car fixed and recover from minor injuries. At worst, a car accident can permanently alter your life or take the life of your loved one.

Let’s look at the many ways a car accident might impact your life.

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15 Ways a Car Accident Can Impact Your Life

A moderate to a severe car crash can affect your life in numerous ways, but here are 16 of the most common ways a car crash can impact your life.

Short-Term Injuries After a Car Wreck

Short-term injuries can impact your life for days, weeks, or even months after your accident. You might have to miss work, you may have a lot of medical bills, and you may struggle to look after yourself and your family while recovering from your injuries.

Long-Term Injuries From a Car Accident

Some car accident injuries may never fully heal, such as traumatic brain injuries (TBI), spinal cord injuries, burns, or amputations. These long-term injuries may impact the rest of your life.

Emotional Damages From a Car Crash

After a car accident, many people suffer from emotional damages like depression, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). While some emotional damages may be short-lived, others may persist for a lifetime.

Death of a Loved One Due to a Car Wreck

An estimated 42,915 people died in motor vehicle traffic crashes in 2021. If your spouse, child, or parent was unlucky enough to lose their life in a car crash through no fault of their own, you may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit. While money can’t bring your loved one back, it can help ease your burdens a tiny bit.

Cost of Vehicle Repair or Replacement After a Car Accident

Even if insurance covers much of the cost to repair or replace your vehicle after a car crash, you’re still liable to be stuck with either a deductible for repairs or a settlement that’s less than the cost of buying a vehicle of the same make and model as the one that was totaled in the crash.

Getting Around Without a Vehicle After a Car Crash

Body shops are often backed up for weeks at a time. If your car isn’t drivable during that time, how are you getting around? Rideshare costs can add up quickly.

Less Free Time After a Car Wreck

After a car crash, you may have to spend a lot of time at doctor appointments, doing physical therapy, dealing with insurance adjusters, and more. The things you do every day may also take longer, leaving you with much less free time overall.

Missed Work Due to Car Accident Injuries

Depending on what you do for a living and the extent of your injuries, you may miss a few days of work, never be able to work again, or anything in between.

Lost Ability to Earn a Living After Getting in a Crash

If you suffer a permanent disability after your car accident, you may struggle to make a living again.

Pain and Suffering Resulting From a Car Crash

As any chronic pain warrior will tell you, living with constant pain can have a significant impact on your quality of life after a car wreck.

Lost Ability to Care for Others Following an Accident

Your injuries after a car crash may affect your ability to care for your children, spouse, parents, or other important people in your life.

Impacted Relationships After a Car Wreck

Relationships can be impacted due to the stressful aftermath of a car wreck. You and your spouse may struggle to get along, for example, if you’re dealing with disabling physical or emotional injuries.

Harmed Credit or Bankruptcy Due to a Car Accident

Medical bills can rack up pretty quickly after a car wreck. More than half of all bankruptcies are filed due to medical debt. Outstanding medical debt and bankruptcy can both impact your credit scores.

Lost Ability to Care for Yourself After a Car Crash

If you have a permanently disabling injury after a car accident, you may struggle to be able to care for yourself and may need outside help to assist you with normal activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, toileting, and feeding yourself.

Reduced Quality of Life Following an Accident

With all of these factors combined, it’s easy to see how a car accident can lead to a reduced quality of life.

If you’re suffering a reduced quality of life, and it’s been less than 2 years since your accident, schedule a free consultation with Wade & Nysather today.



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