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Cristina Reyes - Wade & Nysather/AZ Accident Attorneys

Cristina Reyes is a bilingual pre-litigation paralegal who provides administrative support. She joined Wade & Nysather, AZ Accident Attorneys in 2021. Prior to joining AZ Accident Attorneys, Cristina worked for a personal injury firm in Arizona for 24 years.

In 1990, Cristina obtained her senior accounting certification from the American Commercial College in San Angelo, Texas where she provided bookkeeping and administrative support. From there, Cristina’s legal interest sparked where she began to pursue her career as a paralegal. She moved to Arizona to obtain her associates degree in paralegal studies at Phoenix College in 1995.

After working in personal injury for over 24 years, she has gained significant knowledge and experience in case handling. Cristina’s extensive background includes processing cases during the initial intake process, handling property damage claims, all way up to the final settlement stage. She also provides experience in processing product liability cases.

Cristina loves to spend time with her family and watch sports. She is a Dallas Cowboys and Arizona Cardinals fan. In her free time, Cristina loves to play the guitar and work on different art projects. 


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