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Come and be captivated by the performances of the esteemed Brelby Theatre Company! With their sporadic live presentations, you absolutely must not forego the opportunity to relish in their artistry. It is imperative to comprehend that by attending their live shows, you are exhibiting support for the development of local talents. There is an undeniable pleasure in reveling in entertainment, and it is even more gratifying to acknowledge that your attendance has contributed to the cultivation of an artist’s craft.

Founded in the spring of 2009, the Brelby Theatre Company came to fruition through the partnership of Brian Maticic and Shelby Brimhall, who later became Shelby Maticic. Their mutual love for the multifaceted nature of theatre inspired them to establish a haven where artists could challenge themselves artistically and showcase their talents in a safe and supportive space. The company’s initial group of collaborators joined forces to create its maiden season, debuting their work in Flagstaff, Kingman, and Phoenix.

In 2013, Brelby found a permanent home in the downtown Glendale community, opening its doors on February 14th. Comprising a core ensemble of 16 company members and over 100 collaborative artists, the theatre company has continued to produce its productions throughout the year in its blackbox studio. The future of Brelby looks promising as it continues to bring art and culture to the West Valley community.

In 2016, Brelby made its move to a new location in the Catlin Court District of Historic Downtown Glendale, Arizona area. The theatre company continued to produce and foster imagination and education for several years. However, in light of the pandemic, Brelby reevaluated its goals and decided to sell its venue. The company now operates as a nomadic independent production company, and its next exciting endeavor involves taking its original fairy tale, Luna & Solis, to its first festival, the San Diego International Fringe Festival, in 2022.

Brelby Productions is committed to promoting an atmosphere of creative liberty where artists can envision and develop freely, produce high-quality and intimate theatrical productions, and motivate our community.

Brelby puts a premium on crafting unique and pioneering narratives and strives to offer a stage for regional dramatists to see their compositions come to life in different forms.

Brelby Productions, formerly known as the Brelby Theatre Company, has undergone significant changes in recent years as it adapts and grows into its next phase. Currently, the company is focused on its upcoming project, the Luna & Solis summer tour in 2022. As the team prepares for their west coast adventure, culminating in the San Diego International Fringe Festival, they invite everyone to follow their journey on social media or by becoming a Patreon member, which grants access to daily updates exclusive to that community.

Address: 7154 N 58th Dr, Glendale, AZ 85301.

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