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The victims of motor vehicle accidents often experience difficulty and stress processing their claims.  The party responsible for the accident may deny fault for the accident and/or his or her insurance company may refuse to pay for reasonable and necessary medical bills incurred a result of the accident.  Many victims experience these issues while also dealing with the pain from the accident-related injuries and the stress of vehicle repairs.  

Semi-Truck Accidents can oftentimes be even more stressful and difficult.  The driver of the truck may be more inclined to blame you for the accident due to fear of losing his job.  The trucking company may also be inclined to blame you for the accident for fear of losing its license and/or high insurance premiums.  Moreover, accidents involving semi-trucks often result in more significant injuries that require extensive medical treatment.      

It is crucial that the victim of an accident with a semi-truck hires an attorney who has experience handling trucking cases.  Wade & Nysather has over 25 years of experience handling trucking accidents and is able to provide our clients with all of the necessary information and services they need to be properly compensated for their injuries and damages.   

Why is an accident with a semi-truck different?

In a typical car accident case, identifying the person at fault for the accident and proving fault for the accident is relatively straight forward. However, in a trucking accident case, there may be multiple individuals responsible for the accident, including:      

  1. The truck driver;
  2. The truck driver’s employer;
  3. The mechanic responsible for maintenance of the truck; and the
  4. The person(s) who loaded the truck.

In addition, unlike most car accident cases, there are multiple theories of liability and/or reasons why a truck driver, and his employer, may be responsible for an accident.  For instance, truck drivers are bound by certain federal regulations, limiting the number of hours the driver can drive in a given time period.  Some drivers illegally exceed these limits, making them too tired and fatigued to drive, which can ultimately result in an accident.  Moreover, trucking companies must properly hire, train, and monitor their drivers.  Failure to do so may ultimately result in an accident and put the liability on the truck company.     

In pursuing a claim resulting from a trucking accident, it is important to identify the individuals and entities responsible for the accident, and the theory of liability against each individual and entity.  Wade & Nysather has over 25 years of experience investigating and prosecuting trucking accident cases.  We are determined at ensuring the responsible party(ies) are held accountable for your injuries and damages.  

Taking the stress away

At Wade & Nysather, we will take care of all the details surrounding your case, including investigating the parties responsible for your accident, obtaining your medical records and bills to submit to the trucking company’s representatives, and securing a fair settlement for your injuries and damages.  Moreover, we work with a wide variety of experts, including trucking experts and accident construction experts, who can assist in proving your personal injury case.  

If you were involved in a trucking accident, we encourage you to give us a call.  There is no charge for a consultation, and we will be happy to answer any of your questions and to assist you in any way we can.  

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