We are sure that you must have many questions about your situation. We have tried to answer many of the frequently asked question we get below. If you do not find the answer to your specific question, please use the form on the "Contact Us" page to ask. Or call us at 480-258-6800. Each case is different, and we want to make sure you get the correct information you need to make the best legal decisions.

  • Why should I use a personal injury attorney to handle my injury claim?

    In extremely small cases a simple claim may be best handled without an attorney.


    If this is the case we will inform you of this immediately. As with the majority of personal injury cases, an attorney will substantially increase the amount you will receive and assist you in getting all benefits you are entitled to.


    Since our initial consultation is free, we encourage you to call us at 480-258-6200.


    This is where we will be able to evaluate your case, explain your options and advise you on your best course of action.


  • Will I be able to contact my attorneys when I need to?

    This is a common complaint heard from personal injury clients about their attorneys.


    Unlike most firms we believe that a paralegal are to assist attorneys, not handle all the communications for the attorney. Although paralegal’s may discuss status of your case in specific instances, case management, case strategy, and case negotiation is handled by the attorneys. Thus, you will be working closely with an attorney during your entire case.


    At Wade & Nysather we believe that our clients are our first priority and we think they deserve the most personalized & professional representation available.

  • The adjustor tells me I will receive fair compensation, should I trust them?

    In a perfect world we should be able to trust that the insurance adjustor will be honest and fair when settling our claim. Generally this is not the case.


    The adjuster works for the insurance company and their main job is to save the insurance company the most money possible.


    First they establish contact with you and try to evaluate whether you know the value of your claim. They will keep an in-depth records and record phone calls hoping that there will be a discrepancy in your story. They will use this later to allow them to settle for a smaller amount.


    At the time they might appear to be only concerned with your well being, but their first priority is to save their company the most money possible. We can not stress the importance in contacting us before you communicate with any insurance adjustor.

  • How can I get medical treatment when I don’t have the money to pay the bills?

    Your health is one of our prime concerns and your medical issues will be one of the first points we cover in our initial consultation.


    We will inform you of alternative sources of payment coverage available to you. We know the doctors that are willing to work with you and defer billing or provide care on a medical lien basis.


    There are many options that most people are not aware exist that will assist you with your medical bills. We will gladly advise you as to your best option during your consultation.

  • How do insurance companies evaluate claims?

    This treatment will gradually taper down from several visits per week or only a few per month until the person has reached maximum medical improvement at which time they will be ready to settle.


    Diversions from this pattern raise red flags to an insurance company so it is vital that you do not miss doctor’s appointments and keep in regular communication with the attorney regarding your injuries and medical treatment.

  • How do I know if I have case?

    The Attorneys’ at Wade & Nysather will discuss your case with you at no charge. Please call us at 480-258-6200, or you may use our contact us form located on our CONTACT US page,


    Your personal injury claim is based on medical proof regarding your injuries and any lasting effects they have on your life.

  • What is my case worth?

    A case is worth what a defendant will pay in pretrial settlement or a jury awards at the end of trial. Predicting an amount is an inexact art.


    Attorneys cannot predict exactly what a case is worth for a client. However, an experienced attorney can determine from similarly handled cases a reasonable settlement range after a client’s medical condition has stabilized and amounts of the monetary damages are determined. Money damages are medical expenses, wage loss and loss of earning capacity.

  • What can I do to expedite my claim?

    It is important to complete any forms we send to you and promptly return our phone calls. Always forward all bills from medical providers, prescription receipts, disability slips and return to work authorizations.


    You must also forward estimates of the damage to your vehicle, bills for towing and storage, photographs of the vehicles involved in the accident and your injuries, your insurance policy, accident reports, copies of statements you or any party made to insurance company or law enforcement agencies, any letters from insurance companies, doctors, hospitals, other parties involved in the accident, or other communications regarding you injuries, or any other miscellaneous bills relating to losses or damages you have sustained as a result of this accident or your injuries.

  • How long will it take to settle my case?

    Wade & Nysather will not be in a position to settle your case until you have completed medical treatment, so it is important that you follow up regularly with your medical providers and notify the staff at Wade & Nysather if you think your injuries have resolved and you are ready to settle your case.


    The value of your case depends on many factors, including your diagnosed injuries, length of treatment and any permanent or long-term problems after your medical treatment has completed.


    Once you have completed treatment, Wade & Nysather will request copies of your medical records and bills and obtain additional documentation, such as proof of your lost wages, to prepare a settlement package for the insurance company.


    Negotiations will then begin and the attorney will contact you once an offer is made to settle your case. Wade & Nysather always keeps in mind your best interest in settling a case and we are always prepared to go to trial to obtain the best financial recovery.





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